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Window Decals for only $150 Installed

Follow our easy 4 step process to have your next window decal designed, printed and installed for only $150.

Step 1
Select your size, design, colour, text message and install details.

Step 2
Purchase online
using Paypal account.

Step 3
Review and approve
– design layout.

Step 4
Prepare your window for next day install.

Design Hints: Helpful hints to consider when designing your window decal….

  • If you’re after impact and have a strong message that you would like visible from further away then select bright colours and a thicker font that will pop on your window. Colours such as white, yellow, orange or red work well.
  • If it’s a more permanent message then look for colours that exist in and around your window, such as brand, logo, product, paint colours.
  • If it’s a sales message keep it simple, and get the main message across in as few as 1 or 2 words “BIG SALE”, “NEW STOCK” “30% OFF”
  • Change your message regularly (monthly) as potential customers are out their everyday looking for an excuse to come in and spoil themselves.
  • Make your message relevant by associating it with events (Spring Racing, Xmas), the seasons and popular sayings (I Dream of Jeansys)

Preparing Window for a perfect Install:
Ensure your windows are clean, and accessable for the installer.

Decal Position
You can advise the installer where you would like the decal positioned during the installation.  If there is no one present during install, and a position has not been previously indicated then the installer will center the decal, at around head height for foot traffic, or at the installers discretion based on best suitable.

Indicating Position if no one in attendance
If you know you will not be in attendance you can either make a note of where you would like the decal positioned when ordering (height cm from the ground, cm’s from left or right of window).  Or you can place tape on the inside of the window in a cross shape to indicate the centre of the decal.

Outside Hours Installation
Shopping centres may require installs to be completed outside trading hours. These will incur an additional cost of $50 per install. Clearly mark a position on the window or send details through to our support staff so that we get that decal in the exact position for you.

Can I select a specific date for install?
Yes we can book installs in for a specific date

What time will the install take place and can I request?
Due to the number of installs we cannot confirm a time of each install, however you can call us for more information on the day.   Basically keep in touch and we can try to accommodate. No promises sorry.

What If I want to change something or have questions?
You can call Liquid Ink at anytime if you have any questions or if you would like to update your order.
Contact: 9645 1300